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Janus began training 20 years ago. The company originally specialised in the field of substance use and drug awareness. As we evolved we expanded our training to deliver group work, working with challenging behaviour, diversity, organisational culture and policy development.


We developed a strong reputation for our training to individuals and groups of learners. Training has always been a fundamental component of what we do, because our aim is to provide access for learning through training. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their true potential.

This informed our motivation for the development, creation and evolution of our online training portal. It is very difficult in this day and age not to have connection with the internet. It could be an online assessment, applying for a passport, or an application for a new job. There are webinars, youtube and a whole social network at our disposal. Because of this it was a natural transition to branch out into the world of online training. The benefits to us were clear.


It is also important to state that although online training is not about replicating all training that is face to face, and without physical human contact., there are real benefits to it that supersede the doubts  Online training provides:


  • A great introduction to a variety of courses and new information
  • It recognises that with hectic schedules and time constraints, it is not always possible to attend a college or training course. 
  • The luxury of studying at your own leisure from a venue of your choice.
  • The cost of the courses are affordable, making it accessible to all.
  • The learner has access to all the available platforms on the online learning site, such as buddy press and the blog. This will give the learner a platform to discuss and socialise online with fellow learners on the course, to share learning and discuss the course. This we hope can create an educational and knowledge sharing community.   


We wish to expand our menu of courses, recognising that the demands on the individual to have certificated evidence of learning from their employer, or future employer is increasing  Feel free to browse our portal and contact us through the contact details provided to discuss your requirements.